Team Leaders are responsible for registering their teams, and it must be completed in one sitting. The online portal will not log you off due to inactivity during the process, but it will not save your progress if you quit. Please make sure you have all of the information below for each team member below before beginning:

  • legal name or as it appears on passport
  • departure and return dates
  • date of birth
  • email address
  • Gender m/f
  • Country of residence
  • Country of citizenship

Team Leaders should register their teams. Individual Volunteer should register any family members who will be serving with them.

For more information regarding insurance coverage, please click here. Team Leaders should comply with the following “Best Practices

  • Completed UMVIM team leader training
  • Comply with their annual conference Safe Sanctuary Policy
  • Register with UMVIM SEJ and have appropriate health insurance
  • Serve with an UMVIM project or Global Ministries missionary